I apologize for not posting for a long time now, but since the weekend I have been scared, scared of the future, afraid of what I will be, I mean what if I fail to be the one I have been dreaming to be.

Ever since my dad died, I have had this simple vision of being great and lifting my family from poverty, I will always picture myself living a good life with mom by my side smiling at me, I always wanted to make it BIG!

but recently I had some thought and I figured I had many obstacles. I have trained myself to sing and I assure you I really have a nice voice, but my country is not actually developed so I have limited chances of being a musician. I have always dreamt of going to one of this great countries like America, London, Canada etc, but HOW!

I was lost in thought that I never knew tears were rolling down from my cheeks, I have been looked down upon on many occasions, my family has gone through a lot, mom have suffered for us too, she might even be praying for her death but that’s not and will never be my wish for her.

I know you will be thinking this is stupid, but only if you were in my shoes, only if you have been insulted by people because of your status.

But no matter what, I have always believed that my present is just to train me for a better life tomorrow


It was Valentine on 14th February, the great day for lovers, I should be out with my girl having fun, holding hands with her, having a romantic discussion and kissing her, but nah, that day wasn’t for me at all. Like I said, I should be out with my girl but I was home all day with no love, I don’t even have a girlfriend so why bother myself about the so called “VALENTINE”.

So I lay down on the bed tried to sleep but I couldn’t, I mean with so much thought on my mind, I thought a\nbout what could be happening out there.

Yeah, we planned on playing a game called truth or dare at school that Friday but school was cancelled that day, even if school was held I won’t be playing the game cause we were asked to pay 200 naira, but I can’t afford to waste that playing an ordinary game, don’t think am stingy, I was just being economical.

So back at home I decided to play games then I noticed that my sister was watching a movie so I joined her. It was a movie called “Jane wants a boyfriend”

It was all about a girl who was mentally abnormal and she had no boyfriend because no one wanted to be with someone like her and then finally she meets a guy who understands her they fell in love and finally she got a boyfriend. It was cool that she finally got a lover, so I learnt from the movie that everyone has a person destined for you, even if everyone else treats you like you are nothing, you will find someone who treats you like you are special.

Well after the movie ended I checked my phone and then I saw a message from my classmate wishing me a happy Valentine. Augusta is a dark average girl who loves me, and everybody knows that but she just won’t admit it.

Finally I got to sleep, I woke up and it was already late so I lay down looking at the ceiling till I slept off


If you finished reading this I know what you will be thinking “this story is so boring” but that’s actually how boring my Valentine day was.

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Who is that weird guy (continued)

Sitting outside our front yard, thoughts flowed in my mind, why should my life be like this, I mean there are many other kids out there born with golden spoons, and here I am having thoughts someone my age shouldn’t be having. I wanted fun, good life, always wanted to live in a mansion but those things seem to be far from me, I mean real far.

So with my mom always travelling and my senior siblings at school, I and my little sister stayed with my aunt who was also living with us in a one room apartment, she usually go for work and comes back by 6pm, we would come back from school around 2pm and wait while doing nothing for my aunt to come back. Well we later got used to it.

So that’s few things about me, while some are having fun as teenagers, it’s either am sleeping, or am crying and praying to God for breakthrough. My family and I have received much insult from people because of our status, students look down at me in school now cause of that same thing POVERTY! but one day I promise them that I will stand at the top of the mountain looking down at them and they will be looking up to me, THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVE!!


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Who am I?

Am Bright Ezidonye, well am actually 15, yeah I know what You are thinking (he’s too young) forget my age I have sense o”lol”. So back to the point, well am actually not from a wealthy family, 7 years ago I lost my dad over a high blood pressure(hbp), well I swear I really miss him and I mean everything about him, his jokes, his smile, and most especially his funny dancing steps.

I woke one morning and I saw my mom bathing my dad “A FULLY GROWN MAN! ” but for some reason I wasn’t actually surprised about it cause it has happened in several occasions and I felt real bad and a bit surprised about it. My dad actually left nothing for us except for the little paying job he left my mom with.

My mom who was a teacher taught at our village and she was struggling to carry her family of four children along. She travelled every week and comes back around the weekend and then stays with us for just two days, well it actually made me cry each time I think about it, I lost my dad and now I can’t stay with my mom for a whole week “GOD!” why is all this happening to us I usually ask myself when am alone.

(to be continued)

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